Who is that?

In a care providing situation, identifying who everybody is can be a nightmare. People in scrubs and sometimes masks walk around, doing and saying things, while sometimes remaining totally annonomous to the patient.

Care providers wear name tages, and sometimes write their names on a white-board. But that system leaves out some pretty major information: What's a tech? What do you mean Ano-stizi-ologist? Our system answers that

About ParallaxID

ParallaxID is a system that places patients at the center of their care. Using ParallaxID, patients can immediately identify their providers, visualize their treatment teams, and more thoughtfully interact with providers. ParallaxID enables family members to follow the care of loved ones in real time anywhere in the world.

ParallaxID is also a powerful accountability, efficiency and security tool in care settings. ParallaxID enables hospital administrators to visualize the location of all staff, patients and guests to ensure the privacy and security of patients and their guests.

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